Sliding Creek Retrievers is now offering whelping services to the public for those needing/wanting assistance with raising litters. Is this your first litter of puppies and you are unsure what  to do, what do I need etc.? Are you overwhelmed by the cost of whelping on your own? The loss of one puppy is a huge loss, though I do not pretend to know everything or can I save every puppy, I have an competent support staff including a Reproductive Vet, a Emergency Room Veterinary Clinic with a staff that is familiar with C-secetions and more and I have the support of Avidog, a Breeders College which I can access at all hours.  I have  oxygen, Ultrasound, Doppler etc, and I have hand raised and tube feed many puppies. I have a seperate Whelping Kennel, with a living space for me so they can be next to me 24/7 for as long as needed, the building is equipped with anything needed to whelp and raise puppies plus it is cleaned and sterilized daily.  I do Early Neurological Stimulation and Early Scent Introduction, I potty box train your puppies, expose them to all sorts of noise and different surfaces and provide them with developmental toys.  I can help your puppies from Day 1 to 8 weeks old.  I will give your puppies 150 % and do all I possibly can for them. Contact me, 864-314-5326, for my schedule and prices.